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The Parklife Toolkit

Welcome to

by Deptford Green Students,
supported by Goldsmiths University.

Welcome from Deptford Green students

Parklife is a collaboration of creative ideas to make a difference in our local park. Students, our teacher and Goldsmiths students worked together to define the problems and work with the local council to illuminate them.


ParkLife is not only another after school club, it’s a safe space that changes the youth and politicians views about green spaces.

We want to make our park safer and accessible to everyone - that’s why we started a ParkLife group, and you can too!

Introducing The Parklife Toolkit

The Parklife Project is a research project funded by Goldsmiths’ Civic Engagement team and its Department of Educational Studies. The project seeks to empower young people to become researchers into their own local parks, and lobby when/if appropriate for environmental and social change. This toolkit is designed to support teachers working with students in Key Stage 2 to run Parklife in their school and local community and should be used alongside the Parklife slide pack.

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Our Objectives

A successful Parklife project is deeply enriching for both educators and students, and can help to achieve a number of positive outcomes! 

1 / Environmental Research

Equip young people with the tools to research their local parks to identify opportunities to improve the wellbeing and environmental awareness of park users in their community who will have a range of park needs based on their ages and backgrounds.

2 / Science and Sustainability

Demonstrate to the students a link between the study of plants in their science curriculum and the importance of plants and biodiversity in their community and for the planet.

3 / Advocacy and Engagement

Create an opportunity for students to engage with decision-makers who can influence environmental change based on the students’ research and designs. This could include local council representatives.

Students develop skills in...

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